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Work Injury Physiotherapy Spruce Grove/ WCB

Work Injury Physiotherapy Spruce Grove/ WCB

What do we bring to the table

⊛ 17 years of experiences in treating work related injuries

⊛ Advanced training in treating Musculoskeletal injuries

⊛ An understanding of te challenges involved in treating injured workers

⊛ Knowledge of the human and financial cost of work place injury

For the Referring Physician

⊛ Prompt communication of functional measures
⊛ Identifying and communicating barriers to return to work
⊛ Focus on functional outcomes

For the Employer

⊛ Reduce or eliminate worker time loss where possible
⊛ Restore worker productivity
⊛ Ensure communication between the worker, employer and health care providers

For the Worker

⊛ Focus on work place safely
⊛ Safe and timely return to function
⊛ Timely referral to other professionals and investigations where needed

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