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GLA:D™ Canada

The GLA:D™ Canada Program: What is it?

GLA:D™ Canada is an 8-week education and exercise program for those with stiff and/or painful knees and/or hips, or those with knee and/or hip osteoarthritis. Research from GLAD® in Denmark show participants report less pain, reduced use of painkillers, fewer individuals on sick leave, and being more physically active.

GLA:D™ Canada
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The program includes 1 educational session out of the 12 sessions (twice a week for 6 weeks) and measures your outcomes to monitor your improvement

GLA:D™ Canada participants can/will learn about:

  • What is osteoarthritis, risk factors and symptoms
  • Current available treatment for osteoarthritis
  • How to self-manage your symptoms
  • Why and how exercise can help with your osteoarthritis
  • How to cope with the difficulties of daily activities associated with osteoarthritis

12 Neuromuscular Exercise Sessions

60 minute group exercise sessions twice a week for 6 weeks led by a certified therapist. You will:

  • Learn how to control your movements and proper posture
  • Build muscular strength through functional exercises
  • Learn how to apply these exercises to everyday activities
  • Data Collection for Quality Monitoring

    The program measures how you’re doing at your first visit, 3 and 12 months after you have started the program. This information will help us monitor how the program is working for people with osteoarthritis all over Canada and ultimately will help us improve the program.

    The program can be done virtually as well

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